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June 13 2018

Finkregh starred alibaba/Dragonfly

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred alibaba/Dragonfly Jun 13, 2018 alibaba/Dragonfly

Dragonfly is an intelligent P2P based file distribution system.

Java 1.1k Updated Jun 13

June 12 2018

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June 11 2018

Finkregh starred guysoft/FullPageOS

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred guysoft/FullPageOS Jun 11, 2018 guysoft/FullPageOS

A raspberrypi distro to display a full page browser on boot

Shell 2.2k 3 issues need help Updated Jun 11

Finkregh starred git-federation/gitpub

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred git-federation/gitpub Jun 11, 2018 git-federation/gitpub

An extenstion to ActivityPub for web-based Git services federation.

332 Updated Jun 11

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June 06 2018

June 05 2018

Chris's Wiki :: blog/linux/BtrfsCoreMistake

comparison between zfs and btrfs from a higher level

June 04 2018

Finkregh starred dell/iDRAC-Redfish-Scripting

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred dell/iDRAC-Redfish-Scripting Jun 4, 2018 dell/iDRAC-Redfish-Scripting

Python and PowerShell scripting for Dell EMC PowerEdge iDRAC REST API with DMTF Redfish

Python 49 Updated Jun 4

June 03 2018

June 02 2018

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Reposted fromRockYourMind RockYourMind viamr-absentia mr-absentia

Tahdig (Persian: ته دیگ‎, tah "bottom" + dīg "pot") is a specialty of Iranian cuisine consisting of crisp rice taken from the bottom of the pot in which the rice (chelow) is cooked.[6] It is traditionally served to guests at a meal.[7] Ingredients commonly added to tahdig include yogurt and saffron, bread, potato and tomato.

Variations of tahdig include placing thin vegetable slices at the bottom of the pot, so they crisp up instead of the rice, these vegetables include potato, carrots, and lettuce.[8] Iranians sometimes apply this cooking method to spaghetti as well, providing a hardened base.[9]

— Wikipedia: Scorched rice - Iran

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Okoge (お焦げ) is eaten with vegetables or moistened with water, soup, or tea. Okoge (お焦げ, おこげ) is Japanese food, usually rice, that has been scorched or blackened.

Until electric rice cookers came into common use in the 20th century, rice in Japan was cooked in a kamado, a traditional stove heated by wood or charcoal. Because regulating the heat of a wood or charcoal fire is more difficult, a layer of rice at the bottom of the pot would often be slightly burned during cooking; this layer, called okoge, was not discarded, but was eaten with vegetables or moistened with water, soup, or tea.

Okoge is still eaten in Japanese cuisine, and is an important part of the kaiseki meal served at tea ceremonies, where it is typically served with hot water and pickles as the final course. It has a crispy texture and a nutty flavour.

Because the cooking temperature of modern electric rice cookers is precisely controlled, okoge does not usually form naturally during the cooking process. However, there are rice cookers on the market in Japan that have an okoge setting. Okoge can also be made by scorching cooked rice in a frying pan.”

— Wikipedia: Scorched rice - Japan

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@sinaiee_maryam: Check out my Persian ice cream with rosewater and chunks of cream and candied fresh rose petals. It's addictive, you can't say I didn't warn you! thepersianfusion.com/rose-and-vanil…

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Finkregh starred beta-phenylethylamine/fontina

@<a href=finkregh"> Finkregh starred beta-phenylethylamine/fontina Jun 2, 2018 beta-phenylethylamine/fontina

A federated photo-sharing social media network

Elixir 37 Updated Jun 2

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