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Highlights from the Google I/O Wave Developer Sandbox

We recently celebrated Google Wave's 1st Birthday and announced several API and protocol updates at Google I/O. Along with that we invited 17 partners and developers to showcase their Wave extensions and integrations as part of the Google Wave Developer Sandbox. We've been amazed at the many extensions and product integrations that developers have built eversince we launched Wave and we wanted to share with the public what were showcased at I/O:


  • Columbus Internet showcased Travel WithMe and Hostel WithMe, their useful trip planning extensions for Wave.
  • ProcessWave showcased a collaborative diagram editor that supports software and business process modeling with UML, BPMN and EPC.
  • Timebridge showcased a web conferencing gadget and a meeting planner gadget.
  • UnaWave demoed a project and task management extension.
  • WithWaves demoed the Browse eBay and Browse Amazon extensions that enable collaborative shopping.
  • Wave.to showcased a lightweight wave client for the Android platform.
  • CS Odessa demoed their brainstorming and mind maping extension.
  • Caseish showcased their collaborative case management tool.
  • 6Rounds showcased their interactive video conferencing gadget.
  • Prezi demoed their collaborative presentation editor.
  • Twillio demoed their phone conferencing robot
  • Product Integrations:

  • ProcessOne demoed their WaveOne XMPP server built based on the Wave protocol.
  • Salesforce demoed their wave integration inside Chatter, their collaborative product.
  • Oracle demoed their wave integration inside their CRM product.
  • Federation:

  • SAP demoed their new Gravity product built based on the Wave protocol.
  • Novell showcased Pulse, their collaborative product based on Wave protocol.
  • To see videos of many of the above extensions in action and read more about them, check out our featured extension page. We hope these extensions and product integrations will inspire you to build more things on Google Wave. As always, we love to hear from developers. If you have feedback on our APIs or want to build extensions, read our guide and drop us a line in the Wave APIs forum. If you're interested in the Wave Protocol, check out http://www.waveprotocol.org and join the Wave Protocol discussion forum.

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